About us

We pursue innovation of manufacturing process by building smart automation system.


Smart Factory Automation Global Leading Company!

SMCore creates the future of factory automation in the world by providing total solution for logistics automation.
After succeeding the first automated warehouse system in Korea in 1972, SMCore has continously developed innovative technology, provided various services and led logistics automation industry.
Also, We have successful references worldwide in India, China and North America. We have built a competitive global network.

SMCore is becomming a smart factory specialist that incorporates the latest ICT technology with the incorporation of SK Group in 2017.
Based on decades of accumulated experience, know-how and in-house production capabilities, we have entered the semiconductor logistics business which is core business of the nex generation and we countributes to SK group streamlining manufacturing operations.

In order to meet the Customer needs of various industries and the rapidly changing market trends, we will play a role as a leading company in the field of smart factory automation.