SMCore is innovating the manufacturing paradigm through Smart Factory.
We provide specialized Total Smart Machine Solution.

Case Study

Through accumulated experience and know-how of SMCore, we can see examples of various industries that provided solution.


The semiconductor area is a high value-added business area, and after the acquisition of SK,
it has been successfully promoted and settled as a core strategic business of SMC,
and we will continue to expand the entry process and supply equipment group.


Semiconduector is a core part used in computer, mobile, etc., and the difficulty of process technology is increasing.
The semiconductor process consists of the production of equipment units and It is divided into the whole process of designing
and manufacturing semiconductors, and the post-process of assembly and packaging.


Semiconductor automated logistics system is classified into OHT, Conveyor, Stocker, and AGV equipment, and automation is being implemented. In the semiconductor industry, duratbility and technological capability are important because TAT and quility must always be maintained at the highest level, and the stability and accuracy of the logistics equipment are emphasized.


The main technical perspectives of semiconductor logistics automation are speed, ESD and vibration. According to semiconductor characteristics, to maximize the speed, uninterruptible materials are used for ESD due to anti-static, we improve instrument accuracy and control precision for vibration to provide customers with optimal soultions. Also, since semiconductor production is complicated in structure and high level of understanding about semiconductor line is required for automated logistics, we build know-how and reflect the exact requirements of our clients.

*ESD(Electro-Static Discharge)

Recent Major Performance

SK hynix Cheongju P&T TDBI Conveyor System

SK hynix Icheon Bank Jar box Stocker System

SK hynix Icheon M16 Back-End Process Bridge Logistics Automation

SK hynix Icheon M16 D-PKT TDBI AGV


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