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We pursue innovation of manufacturing process by building smart automation system.

Safety·health Management

SMCore practices ethical management.

SMCore Safety·Health Management Policy

SMCore considers protecting employee’s safety and health as a priority value.
By thorough safety management, disaster prevention and continuous environment improvement,
SMCore will fulfill social responsibilities and actively practice the development of the company.

  • Safety
  • Safety is
    top priority
  • Manual
  • Action by
    following manual
  • Control
  • Controlled
    work environment

<SMCore Safety · Health Key factor>

Consider safety and health as an absolute value that cannot be compromised, SMCore will practice as below.

  • SMCore will continue to improve Safety·Health Management by compling with law and establishing goals
    for safety and health.
  • SMCore will prevent industrial accidents and raise awareness of safety culture by continuous safety·health education
    training for all employees.
  • SMCore will develop safe and healthy work environment to prevent work-related injuries and health issues.
  • SMCore will foster good conditions for active participation and consultation of employees so that safety·health management can be effectively realized.
  • SMCore employees will faithfully comply with their responsibilities and obligations for safety·health activities.

SMCore CEO and all employees

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