SMCore is innovating the manufacturing paradigm through Smart Factory.
We provide specialized Total Smart Machine Solution.


It is aimed to improve the production flow of the entire process in connection with semiconductor process equipment
and to maximize the productivity accordingly. Also, It is suitable for prevention of quality defects through accurate logistics control
by utilizing automatic stocker and automatic equipments(Barcode, RFID).



    As an unmanned transfer vehicle, it is an electric vehicle that automatically loads and transports cargo as a technology that can be substituted for constraint conditions (weight and size) of transported goods in the exisitng logistics transportation system.

    EBS(Equipment Buffer System)

    A device that maximizes the efficiency of OHT transportation by installing DOCKING on the process equipment and returning OHT directly to the process equipment or indirectly to EBS equipment.

  • Conveyor

    It is the equipment that utilizes Overhead Conveyor to maximize space effeciency and supplies the material to the necessary equipments automatically in the optimum time in connection with the process equipment and the auxiliary equipment.


    Stocker is an automation equipment by implementing additional functions (Split&Merge, Flip) to meet the basic function and purpose of storing and delivering semiconductor materials and materials in connection with a logistics automation system.

Semiconductor Equipment

Semiconductor Equipment

Semiconductor Equipment

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