SMCore is innovating the manufacturing paradigm through Smart Factory.
We provide specialized Total Smart Machine Solution.

Case Study

Through accumulated experience and know-how of SMCore, we can see examples of various industries that provided solution.


Based on SMC's outstanding technology and reference, the tire logistics business is performing the best performance from the past to the present.
We will strengthen our position as Global Leading Company by developing advanced technologies and providing optimal solutions in the future.


The core of tire logistics system is to be able to handle tires of different sizes and characters to work with different production facilities.
Especiallly, tire quality is influenced by rapid transportation and sophisticated handling, so it requires as many logistic facilities and flexible interlocking programs as production facilities.


In tire industry, each company has a different quality to emphasize. Further, since the size variation of handling cargo is big and the chance of physical properties is rapid, the design considering all these is essential. It should be able to supply to the production facilities or increase the efficiency of loading by using various facilities such as licking, unloading/loading, and palletizing.


Smcore provides optimal solution depending on the properties of the tire being produced and handled and the production equipment. With sufficient understanding and experience of the physical properties / size of cargo(GT, CT, FT, etc.) and production facilities(molding machine, vulcanizer, UF, etc.), we can prepare for risks in terms of quality and throughput. Also, for proper supply according to the specifications of production facilities, various facilities can be used to store cargo or buffer(wait) on the move.

*GT: Green Tire, CT: Cured Tire, FT: Finished Tire
*UF: Uniformity Machine

Recent Major Performance

India MRF Hyderabad APL Automation

China SAFE-RUN(Linglong Tire) Gwangseo Factory Automation

India CEAT Chenai Automation

Vietnam KumhoTire Binh duong Automation



The petrochemical logistics business has successfully carried out large domestic and international projects based on SMC's experiences.
In the future, we will continue to grow according to the needs of various domestic and international customers.


Petrochemical Industry is a typical process industry supplying basic raw materials to tires, automobiles, textiles, electronics, fine chemicals, and footwear, etc. It is important to care for dangerous materials along with large scale logistics transportation (packing, storage and shipment).


Safe management is required in case of risk of storage and management of flammable/explosive substances. Depending on the size of the product, it is necessary to have a large space when storing by weight and depending on the charaterstics, it is necessary to manage the floor or to have facilities that are connected to the temperature. The storage capacity which is insufficient compared to the demand increase, adopts AS/RS. For Storage/Shipment work, we use pallet from AS/RS to Loop RGV and conveyor, increase automation rate, reduce workforce dependency and simplify work process.


Based on our experience in the petrochemical products, to prevent potential risks resulting from toxic, repellent or combustible materials, We supply explosion-proof materials & parts in accordance with PSM(Process Safety Management), which requires risk management in the chemical field. Also, we are helping clients to manage dangerous materials more easily through safe operation of equipment and meticulous safety devices. In addition, the worker was needed for each work site element in the existing system but system integration management and automation make it possible to greatly reduce labor cost.

Recent Major Performance

HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited Automation

Ulsan PP Automation

Hanwha Total Daesan VPE Bagging & Conveying System Automation

SK Chemical Ulsan Warehouse Automation

Korea Nexlene Ulsan Warehouse Automation

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HMEL 사이트로 이동
Reliance 사이트로 이동
삼성토탈 사이트로 이동
LG화학 사이트로 이동
금호폴리켐 사이트로 이동
OCI 사이트로 이동
금호석유화학 사이트로 이동
kcc 사이트로 이동
sk 루브리컨츠 사이트로 이동
동우화인켐 사이트로 이동


Based on SMC's accumulated Know-How, the pharmaceutical logistics business is realizing a logistics system for safe storage and efficient delivery of medicines.


High value-added pharmaceutical products are directly linked to human health and require special care in storage. Therefore, efforts to ensure the validity of pharamceuticals by establishing sufficient organizational management system throughout the production process from raw material purcahsing to manufacturing, packaging, and shimpent in compliance with GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations, which are widely used internationally, are countinuing.


Building a reliable management system from system design to minimizing hygiene and safety concerns is needed. High speed and accuracy that can be achieved through automation systems from safe and high quality, to the storage and transportation of goods is minimized by minimizing contaminaton that may occur during the manufacturing process, compete with the demands of small batch production that most pharaceutical companies face today.


Each area in the factory is divided according to the characteristics of medicines and the efficiency of sorting and dispensing of medicines is enhanced through the work in each area (wrapping, palletizing, picking, etc.). Also, The APS (Automatic Picking System) and DPS (Digital Picking System) picking solutions combine with Warehouse Management System (WMS) to track and record all cargo movements to maximize work efficiency. From design to quality validation (IQ, OQ), our automated systems comply with GMP regulations, enabling the implementation of a smart factory in the pharmaceutical field.

*IQ(Installation Qualification), OQ(Operation Qualification)

Recent Major Performance

RP Bio Hwaseong GMP Automation

Daewon Pharmaceutical Jincheon Automation

Taejun Pharmaceutical Yongin Automation

Daehwa Pharmaceutical's Hoengseong Automation

Hanmi Pharmaceutical Paltan Industrial Complex 5th Automation

Dongkuk Pharmaceutical Jincheon Automation



With decades of experience and know-how, SMC offers differentiated services and turnkey customized solutions to a wide range of industries.
Ensure Smart Factory Automation, a core competency, with a total solution specialized in all areas of production, assembly, distribution, storage, management, and delivery.

  • Car
  • Kia Corporation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Americold
  • Samyang Foods Co., Ltd
  • Baekhak Beverage
  • Maeil Dairies Co.Ltd
  • Gategourmet
  • Ultrajaya
  • MOI Foods
  • bifido co., ltd
  • Cosmetic
  • Yonwoo CO., Ltd.
  • Coreana Cosmetic Co., Ltd
  • Hankook Cosmetics Co.,
  • HnG Cosmetics
  • Lamy Cosmetics
  • Nuskin Korea
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  • Daesung Celtic Co. Ltd.
  • Daewoo Electronics
  • Doosan Electro-Materials Corporation
  • Doowon Electronics
  • LG Electronices Inc.
  • Samsung Electronics
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  • ASA
  • Atlas BX Co.,Ltd
  • Battery Korea
  • Deukyoung. Co., Ltd
  • Fuchs-Oil
  • Heesung Engelhard Corp.
  • HK Iron Mountain
  • HS Industries Co., Ltd
  • Hyosung BASF
  • Korea Circuit Co., Ltd
  • Korea Semiconductor Material Co. LTD
  • Kyung-in Synthetic Corporation
  • LG Micron
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industrials., Ltd
  • Sam-a Aluminium Co., Ltd
  • Samsung Engineering
  • SEBANG Global Battery
  • Solar Park
  • STX Metal Co.,Ltd
  • The Bank Of Korea
  • Samick
  • Rinnai korea
  • Casamia
  • IKEA
  • Yuhan-Kimberly
  • KCC
  • IRON Mountain
  • Gate Gourmet Korea
  • Industrial Goods & Others
  • Dae-duck Co.,Ltd
  • Daewoo Heavy Industries 7&Machinery., Ltd.
  • Dongah Construction
  • Dongyang Mechatronics
  • Dongyang Heavy Industries ,Ltd
  • Doosan Heavy Industries &Construciton
  • KET solution
  • Korloy Inc.
  • Hyosung Industries
  • Hyundai Welding Co.,Ltd
  • Inchon Steel
  • Mando Corporation
  • Mazak
  • Samjin Jeonggong Co.,Ltd
  • Sammi Precision & Ind.Co.,Ltd
  • Samsung Corning Co.,Ltd
  • SHM
  • Songwon Industrial Co.,Ltd
  • Taeyang Metal Industrial Co.,Ltd
  • Shinjin Fasteners
  • Arcelik
  • Youngsin Metal Industrial Co.,Ltd
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