SMCore is innovating the manufacturing paradigm through Smart Factory.
We provide specialized Total Smart Machine Solution.

Secondary Battery

Formation Process: Responsible for building the overall automation of the formation process, which is the post-secondary battery process.
[Layout design, volume calculation, rack and STC, conveyor unit, fire extinguishing system of design, manufacture, installation, maintenance operation, etc.]
Transport Logistics: Responsible for establishing the automation of the smart factory concept that connects the logistics flow between the secondary battery electrode and the assembly process.
[Layout design, volume calculation, rack and STC of design, manufacture, installation, maintenance operation, etc.]


  • Stacker Crane

    Stocker is an automation equipment by implementing additional functions (Split&Merge, Flip) to meet the basic function and purpose of storing and delivering semiconductor materials and materials in connection with a logistics automation system.


    It is a steel structure that stores the most basic cargo in the automated warehouse area. There are Rack Supported Building(RSB) type which is a warehouse building when a rack and a steel frame of a building are made up together and wall and a roof are added and FSR(Free Standing Rack) type which is additionally installed when the building is completed.

  • Conveyor

    Conveyor is the most common and basic automated material handling equipment which transfers loads from one location to another in economic and simple way.SMC offers an optimized conveyor systems to transport, accumulate, reorient, or stage loads, which reduce all the inefficient factor in typical working process.

    Auto Lifter

    Auto Lifter is the key to automatically transporting cargo up and down the floor at high speed. It works organically with facilities such as Conveyor and Rack, helping to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Secondary Battery Equipment

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