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We provide specialized Total Smart Machine Solution.

Logistics System

The range of logistics automation businesses is varied and automates and optimizes the entire logistics process by providing efficiency,
speed and reliability from automation of material flows to classification, picking and storage processes.

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  • 공정자동화 메인이미지
    Process Automation

    One of the most important applications of automation technology is process. Also, the process automation system improves process efficiency and utilizes various conveyors to maximize transportation effeiciency. Especially in the manufacturing process, careful processing of high-quality raw materials and parts management are important. Robotic transport such as Gantry Robot, EMS and SMCore's WMS control system carry the product to the desired line at the right timing. It Increases process flexibility to cope with various handling types, improve product quality through real-time inventory management and intelligent management of logistics.

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    Automated Storage

    ASRS(Automated Storage and Retrieval System) Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) is an optimal solution to manageits inventory against the specific but diversified needs of customers in various industries.With more than 70 years of history, SMC became an expert handling extremely high volume throughput and large numbers of SKUs in AS/RS. AS/RS generally consists of machines that move up and down in one or multiple parallel storage aisles. Our proven technology iscapable of effectively and reliably handling and buffering raw materials, work-in-process inventories and all kind of finished goods.SMC can make total integration of material handling and storing possible.


  • Conveyor

    Conveyor is the most common and basic automated material handling equipment which transfers loads from one location to another in economic and simple way.SMC offers an optimized conveyor systems to transport, accumulate, reorient, or stage loads, which reduce all the inefficient factor in typical working process.
    Type : Chain, belt, roller, spiral, free flow, 180 degree turning conveyor, etc.

    RGV(Rail Guided Vehicle)

    Rail Guided Vehicle is a fast and flexible material transporting system with separate input/outputstations that allow RGV to perform multiple performances at once. SMC offers linear andloop types of RGVs, which runs safely and smoothly at high speed, to provide maximized performance for customer’s needs.

  • AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle)

    SMC designs and manufactures an innovative Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) system,which has flexible and advanced navigation systems and provides a reliable performance in automated material movement.

    LGV(Laser Guided Vehicle)

    SMC manufactures Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV) operated by LGV controller,which communicate data via laser frequency and travels on predictive route. Hence,LGV does not need any rail, guide tape attachment or visible guidance to find it’s destination.

  • Gantry Robot

    SMR-10 consists of a manipulator mounted onto an overhead system that allows movement across a Horizontal plane.Its servo motor operates gantry robot, alike overhead crane which moves in X, Y, Z axis with full speed of approximately240m/min, and maximizes throughput from point A to B. Moreover, SMR 10 is capable of loading and unloading cohesive designated area under immaculate control. New generation SMR-20 is built with light and simple bridge to give more benefit for installation.Its flexible design of beam also allow easy adjustment of installation.

    EMS(Electric Monorail System)

    Electronic Monorail System (EMS) is an overhead type rail guided vehicle which therefore save spaceand provide high performance in a beeline. Each carrier can be designed into cage, conveyor, or chuck type according to customer’s requirement,and deliver products safely by accurate position control.Transportation and distribution of a variety of items/products can be executed simultaneously. SMC’s EMS ensures stable loading/unloading As wire goes up and down and transfers to the designated destination, which can be applied to any circumstances.

  • Robot

    Industrial Robots used in process environments are used for assembly, welding, packaging, inspection, etc at the factory. The robots minimize errors and enable precise work. It can speed up the production speed by quickly handling heavy work that cannot be done by an operator. By connecting intelligent software, it enables smart work on the manufacturing line.

    APS(Auto Picking System)

    Automatic Picking System (APS) collects all items from individual orders at the highest throughput rates. It not only speeds up the picking process with each piece, but also easily combines with various systems in process line that allows handling possible for nearly every product. APS is very well known for its sophisticated system, especially in the pharmaceutical industry for its capability of handling small pieces of items rather than large items, as customer’s demand on multiple orders increase. SMC’s APS maximizes productivity and optimizes the material flow in the warehouse, which will bring the highest level of quality in logistics systems.

  • DPS(Digital Picking System)

    Digital Picking System (DPS), also known as pick-to-light, is one of the best picking solutions for industries where high picking throughput is required. Digital Assorting System (DAS) is a system that automatically handles various items by assorting them in each distribution area via digital indicator. These quiet visible lights located directly on the storage slot/shelves indicate where the item is to be picked and display the quantity for each picking item. Picking job is easily adaptable for the workers with minimal understanding of items, as DPS/DAS take such role. By utilization of this advanced picking solution, picking error is drastically reduced and the accuracy of picking and assorting job is elevated.


    SMC customizes sorting system according to customer’s needs that provides the highest performance of sorting. It is controlled by our own controller, interfaced with customer’s ERP and WMS, which delivers goods by recognizing bar code or RFID. SMC’s sorting system will generate a rapid return on investment due to decreased labor costs and increased work accuracy.

  • ATLS(Auto Truck Loading System)

    ATLS(Auto Truck Loading System) is an automated pallet loading system. ATLS is able to load products into a container or a truck without additional installation of devices. Using SMC’s ATLS will dramatically decrease working time. Depending on product and load size, operation time will differ; however, it will be less than 20 minutes in average. The most significant benefit of ATLS is that no human intervention is required to load the pallet on container. Customer can achieve high efficiency with accurate work flow and steady operational speed.

    Upper Level Palletizer

    Upper Level Palletizers are designed and built to automatically stack bags, bales and boxes in squares effectively on pallets. SMC’s upper level palletizer is applicable to all kinds of bags, bale, or boxes in squares. It helps the factory’s full automation without direct human support. It is suitable especially for companies that handle powdered products in square bags.