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Parking System

The automatic parking system is a system that keeps vehicle in a minimum area. It is possible to use the limited area efficiently.
In addition, there is no risk of breakage, theft of robbery because it keeps cars in separate parking spaces with the advantage of environmentally friendly
that reducing idling, waste of fuel and smoke. Currently, the automatic parking system is fully automotable. It is not a top-down type but a bottom-up lift
system. There is no risk of falling. It is a system that minimizes human intervention by moving to the car automatically after stopping the vehicle.


  • Shuttle Runner Type

    In this method, when the vehicle is parked in the entering area the runner automatically enters in, moves the vehicle to the shuttle, and the shuttle automatically move the vehicle to the optimal space through inter-level lift and internal position movement. It is the structure that does not have a risk of collapse in a way that enters on the plane.

    Stacker Type

    No pallet is needed in this method and the device called Stacker operates left, right, up and down, the goods are delivered and warehousing time is fast. This method is suitable for high demand. Stacker's up-down movement and side-toside movement occur together, so you can get to and from the warehouse very quickly.

Shuttle Runner Type

Shuttle Runner Type

Shuttle Runner Type